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The following hardback volumes have been published to date in the DMLCS Ancillary Series. They can be obtained from all main booksellers or bought online here.

  1. A Bibliography of Celtic-Latin Literature 400-1200 by Michael LAPIDGE and Richard SHARPE, with Foreword by Proinsias MAC CANA, M.R.I.A.
    This work provides as complete a list as possible of Latin texts written during the early Middle Ages on Celtic territory or by Celts abroad. Each entry adverts to MSS (where appropriate), printed editions, notices in other standard repertories, and bibliographies of secondary literature.
    Published 1985. viii + 101 pages. ISBN 0-901714-43-7. Price EUR 40.

  2. The Database of Medieval Latin from Celtic Sources:
    a study in computer-assisted lexicography
    by Kieran DEVINE, Anthony HARVEY and Francis J. SMITH, M.R.I.A.
    Recording the first ten years' progress on the computerized aspects of the DMLCS project, this volume also constitutes a wide-ranging survey of such lexicographical enterprises as the field developed in the third quarter of the twentieth century. Particular attention is devoted to common methodological problems and the various solutions that were attempted.
    Published 1987. viii + 101 pages. ISBN 0-901714-66-6. Price EUR 25.

  3. Clavis Patricii I: A Computer-Generated Concordance to the Libri Epistolarum of St Patrick by Kieran DEVINE, with Foreword by Anthony HARVEY.
    The fruit of applying DMLCS computer techniques to a philological task whose accomplishment has long been a desideratum of Patrician studies, this work presents for the first time a complete concordance to St Patrick's surviving writings. Introduced with a description in plain language of the exact computing methods used, the Concordance is keyed to the Bieler edition reprinted as Clavis Patricii II.
    Published 1989. xv + 308 pages. ISBN 0-901714-81-X. Price EUR 30.

  4. Clavis Patricii II: Libri Epistolarum Sancti Patricii Episcopi: introduction, text and commentary by the late Ludwig BIELER, M.R.I.A.
    Issued twice before but long out of print, this is the definitive edition of two of the most significant works in the corpus of Celtic-Latin literature. Apart perhaps from some brief inscriptions, these texts by the national apostle are the only ones in any language to survive from fifth-century Ireland and must accordingly be taken into account by historians, theologians, archaeologists, geographers, linguists, Celticists and any others attempting to shed light on those obscure times.
    Published 1993. 294 pages. ISBN 1-874045-11-9. Price EUR 30.

  5. My Name is Patrick: St Patrick's Confessio translated by Pádraig McCARTHY.
    Patrick is the first identifiable person in Irish history to have his life story recorded. Published in association with the launch of the St Patrick's Confessio Hypertext Stack, this booklet presents the Saint's own account of his capture, slavery and mission in Ireland in a straightforward and accurate English translation.
    Published 2011 (not hardback). 42 pages. ISBN 978-1-904890-84-3. Price EUR 5.